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Who We Are

NVS & Associates is one of the leading legal service providers in India, offering a full range of legal services with outstanding dedication and commitment in providing innovative end-to-end solutions to corporate clients.

Headquartered in Chennai with counsels in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin and Associates in Mumbai and Delhi and Adelaide (Australia), NVS & Associates consists of lawyers who practice in 19 distinct areas of law, with valuable and diverse experience in dealing with businesses. The firm's team of lawyers provide integrated strategic management and legal services, including legal auditing, to various multinational corporates across industries ranging from retail, banks and financial institutions to manufacturing businesses. At NVS & Associates, we also provide a single window for redressal of all issues and proactively promote de-litigation and non-litigation.

Other service offerings are in the areas of real estate, product liability, consumer protection and trust administration, and succession and testamentary rights for private citizens. We understand that legal matters are accompanied by business and reputational risks and thus, help our clients in their internal communications, and risk avoidance or minimization to ensure smooth operations.

Our lawyers possess considerable experience and expertise in appearing before various legal fora and tribunals, individually and in liaison with international lawyers, in proceedings involving multi-disciplinary and cross-border commercial issues, while undertaking work in international jurisdictions. Additionally, the firm has global capabilities in addressing legal process outsourcing with NVS MACS (Management & Corporate Services) Pvt. Ltd.

At NVS & Associates we believe in enabling corporate excellence by providing customised and sustainable legal solutions within the purview of justice, to uphold corporate standards and functioning and ensure smooth business operations by not only addressing problems but preventing them from arising.

Legal Service Provider
Vision and Values  

To be the best in the market by providing customised value-added services.

We at NVS & Associates believe in four specific values in our delivery of services:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of All India Manufacturers Association
  • Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce