professional association
  NVS & Associates is a corporate member of associations such as All India Association of Industries, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce ...  
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  Our services are in the areas of:
1 Corporate and Securities Laws
2 Property Related Issues
3 Commercial Laws and Arbitration
4 Banking and Insurance Law
5 Cyber Law and Information Security
6 Employment Law and Retirals
7 Consumer and Product Safety
8 Intellectual Property Law... more >>
our services
NVS & Associates is one of the leading legal service providers in India, offering a full range of legal services to multinational corporate clients and private citizens . . . more >>
Our firm has legal presence Nationally in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin & Internationally in Australia . . . more >>
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legal process outsourcing
Legal Processing Outsourcing
We provide legal support to international clientele in collaboration with NVS Management and Corporate Services... more >>