1 Internship
2 Other Opportunities

The internship program at NVS & Associates provides opportunities for law school students to gain practical experience while studying. Interns will assist the lawyers in preparing cases and documentation, while witnessing arguments at all courts. They will also be mentored by the lawyers at NVS & Associates to develop their career paths and build on their knowledge domain, while gaining experience and exposure in all aspects of corporate and commercial law.

The internship assignments can range from a period of 12-24 weeks and is open throughout the year in tune with students' academic calendars. If interested in this opportunity, students can send their resumes to: [email protected]


Specific learning experiences:

  • Exposure to various legal procedures and systems
  • Research work on case issues
  • Mentored and coached during work

Other Opportunities


At NVS & Associates we offer our employees a comfortable and easily adaptable working environment that facilitates learning. Peer mentoring is an inherent part of our work culture and most of our Associates are talented in all areas.


Current opening:




  • 2-3 years work experience in any court
  • Proficient in English (spoken and written)
  • Conversant with MS Word

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements, can send their resumes to [email protected]